How to do a webinar with Google Meet

In recent years, digital transformation has emphasized business professionals, whose acquired knowledge requires constant updating. This fact, together with the digitization of education, has led to an increase in the demand for distance training that meets these needs: fast, easy and simultaneously at the same time as other tasks are done. It is for this reason that knowing how to  create a meeting with Google Meet  has taken on great importance in the current situation. And, along with these, applications such as Google Meet have appeared , which allow you to hold video conferences  with the aim of bringing the content of your services to your audience.

If you want to know how to do a webinar with Google Meet, we have the solution to your problem, that is why we have developed this post, so that you know a more agile and efficient way to carry out your webinars .

What is a webinar?

Before we start to explain how to create a meeting with Google Meet , we want to make it clear what a webinar is, in case you still have questions. A webinar is a training video that is distributed over the Internet with informational content of great public interest and that adds value to our audience. It is usually carried out by a company or professional who exposes their knowledge to their public, and the latter responds with questions or feedback . One of the characteristics of these videos is that they are easy to carry out through apps like Google Meet , and the great reach they can have among our audience.

In situations where remote work or telework is necessary, conducting webinars can be very useful to acquire new knowledge of a subject without the need to be in person.

What do you need to do a Webinar with Google Meet?

Create a meeting with Google Meet , first you will have to know everything you need:

  • The most essential thing to use Google Meet is to have a Google for Business  ( G Suite ) account. However, to be able to carry out professional Webinars in which you broadcast the event live for up to 100,000 people, it will not be enough to have G Suite Basic or Business, but you must have G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education. If you want to obtain a license for it, you can purchase from google directly. If you were able to enjoy the free licenses offered by Google from March to September 2020.
  • A list of interested parties in your content. Either a spreadsheet ( Google Sheets ) with your clients or potential stakeholders, or capturing new leads through a promoted landing page .
  • Presentations and other content to share with your audience. If you want to make it easier and more accessible you can use Google Slides (Google Presentations). You will be able to share them on your screen and, in addition, later give access to those registered so that they can see them.

How to do a webinar with Google Meet?

1. Create or access your Google account

As we have already mentioned, the first step to do a webinar with Google Meet is to have a Google account. Remember that, to be able to broadcast live webinars of up to 100,000 users, you will need an Enterprise or Enterprise for Education account.

If you already have your account, you only have to access your username to start testing the software’s functionalities.

2. Activate live streaming for Meet

Once you have your G Suite Enterprise or Enterprise for Education accounts, you’ll need to make sure that the live streaming features for Meet are turned on. To do this you must access the Administration Console with the administrator account and follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Apps > G Suite > Google Meet .
  2. Google Meet settings.
  3. If you want to apply these settings to all accounts, select the highest organizational unit. If not, select the secondary organizational unit or group that you want to configure.
  4. Click on Broadcast and check Allow people to broadcast their meetings.
  5. Save the changes.

3. Create an event

The second step that you will have to perform to do a webinar with Google Meet , is to create the meeting in Google Calendar. The process is very similar to creating an event in Google, but with some variations:

  1. Click on Create > More options .
  2. Fill in all the details of the event, such as the name, date, time and description of the event. In the description you can write the content of the webinar.
  3. Add the guests . In this section you only have to add the people you want to actively participate in the webinar, that is, they can see, listen and share their screen. They can be people from your organization or not. Only those of your organization will be authorized to record the meeting.
  4. Under “Join Google Meet,” click the down arrow and click “Add Live Stream . 
  5. If you want to send the invitation to users who can only watch the webinar, click on Copy and Share the URL of the live broadcast in an email or chat message. Another way to do this is by clicking on the event, clicking Edit> More actions> Create read-only event . There you can enter the emails of all the guests.
  6. Click on Save .
  7. To start the transmission, you will have to enter the meeting and click on More> Start transmission .

4. Record the webinar

One of the interesting things about these online trainings is the possibility of being able to record them and share them later with your audience. Thus, you offer them the possibility of accessing the Google Meet webinar at any other time, and being able to consult any information whenever they wish.

To do this step, you just have to click on the button in the lower right corner of your screen Moreand click on “Record the meeting”. This feature will only be available to users in your organization

5. Share your screen

To make the webinar with Google Meet more informative and easy to understand, you can share your screen and teach a presentation of the content in a synchronized way with other users. You can do it with any application, but we specifically recommend Google Slides . To share your screen, you just have to click “Show my screen” and choose the window you want to share and automatically the interface of your monitor will appear on the screen of all users. The screen sharing function will only be available to users to whom you have given full editing permission during the creation of the event, whether they are from your organization or not.

6. Interact with attendees

As we have already mentioned, one of the main characteristics of webinars with Google Meet is that the company or professional shares their knowledge and the attendees ask them questions. To have a good interaction, we recommend that you mute the microphones of the attendees and ask them to ask their questions in the chat , in order to answer any questions that may arise among the attendees. However, if you prefer, you can set a time for questions at the end of the conversation.

Now that you know how to do webinars with Google Meet , we encourage you to use it in a professional environment, since it has many advantages and very useful options.

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