Machine Learning: How it reduces IT workload and costs

The Machine Learning has become one of the keys for companies that want to lead change and technological innovation. One of the decisive factors for many to implement it is the increase of up to 35% in its performance and production . Do you want to know how machine learning can reduce the workload and IT costs of companies? We explain it to you in this post.

What is Machine learning?

The Machine Learning is a discipline of Artificial Intelligence in which learning systems automatically. You may have also heard it referred to as Machine Learning . This learning starts from an algorithm that reviews data and predicts future actions . It is for this reason that some companies introduce it in their organization: they want to automate their processes as much as possible to be more efficient , anticipating future behaviors. Some of the most widespread uses of machine learning are:

  • Fraud detection
  • Error prediction
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Market demand forecast
  • Personalization of content based on the user
  • Image analysis
  • Forecast employee profitability
  • How does it help companies?

1. Reduce the workload with machine learning

One of the great advantages of machine learning is that it reduces people’s workload. In this way, technology analyzes the data and predicts behaviors, so that employees make their decisions based on these results and allows them to be much more efficient , achieve goals and avoid mistakes . Thus, employees do not waste time in long and tedious analysis processes, and carry out actions in a more reliable and faster way.

Machine learning can help reduce workload in any industry. For example, Gmail uses it to prevent spam in the inbox of its users. In this case, the application is based on past events, to be able to predict future ones (fraudulent or malicious emails).

In other sectors such as health , it is also very relevant to be able to carry out medical diagnoses , thanks to the collection of symptoms and relevant data, together with machine learning . This makes health center professionals more efficient and can rely on data .

Another quite clear example is the use of chatbots , which allow serving customers 24 hours a day, without the need for a person behind them.

2. Reduce costs

One of the consequences of increasing worker efficiency is reducing company costs . In addition, with machine learning, costs can be further reduced since it also allows predicting which services or products may be more in demand, so you can find business and sales opportunities without spending so many resources. This can also be very useful in companies in the retail sector , as it can help in the provision and storage of materials / products to optimize costs.

In addition, as in the previous point, one of the most widespread uses that allows companies great savings is in the case of chatbots , being able to offer a 24/7 service without the need to have a customer service team behind . You can do this with some cloud service providers, such as Google Cloud Platform , which allows you to contract microservices and pay only for the ones you use.

3. Improve the user experience

In addition to the previous points, machine learning also allows to improve the UX of any company or business. In this way, the system collects data on the user’s habitual behavior on the platform or website, and the algorithm analyzes the user to be able to predict their behaviors and adapt to them. For example, some companies use machine learning to be able to hyper-personalize content and be much closer to the user.

4. Real-time control

Today’s digitization is marked by the large amount of data that is collected. However, this can be a problem if there is no good system behind it that analyzes and uses them correctly. This is why machine learning is an excellent option for companies that want to have real-time control of the data that, in turn, creates automatic responses .

5. Process automation

Finally, as is evident, machine learning or automatic learning allows something very valuable to companies: automate processes . This influences all the points discussed above. Based on all the data collected, a response is created that allows the company to dispense with some actions. Thus, companies can generate a competitive advantage over their competition, since they are much more efficient.

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