Difference Between Cloud server vs Own server

Since the advent of cloud servers, more and more companies have doubts when choosing between the typical physical server or the server in the cloud . In some cases, businesses start by storing their documents on multiple computers and, when they run out of space, they store it on physical servers. However, there always comes a time when having a room with servers and all the inconvenience that they can cause makes one consider moving to servers in the cloud.

Are you undecided? We help you make a decision!

What is a server?

The server is a computer equipment that supplies information (images, videos, text files, applications, your web page …) to some clients, which can be people or other equipment connected to it. There are two types of servers:

  • Physical server : this server is found “physically” in hardware, many times in specific rooms of the companies.
  • Cloud server: with this server, all the information stored is in the cloud, in a virtual infrastructure.

Cloud server vs physical server


1. Costs

One of the most important aspects when choosing one of the two options is the costs. On the one hand, the prices of a local server are usually high , since you have to acquire licenses and services for its operation, and they require constant infrastructure and maintenance . In addition, costs of other devices such as routers, cooling systems, security and extinguishing must also be added.

On the other hand, cloud servers are cheaper since it is not necessary to have a physical space, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs and the service provider takes care of its maintenance . In addition, with providers like Google Cloud Platform, you can save even more by hiring only the service you need.

2. Technological update

Technology is changing by leaps and bounds, this is indisputable. One of the decisive aspects when choosing a server can be its technological update.

On the one hand, physical servers are made up of hardware and software that are installed in the process of their implementation. This can make them obsolete after a while . Instead, servers in the cloud can be constantly updated without investing more effort in it .

3. Scalability

If your company is growing and you need your resources to adapt to each phase of your company, it is best to hire a server in the cloud . For example, with Google Cloud Platform, increase or decrease the resources you have without the need for long waits  and in a very easy way . Remember that if you have a physical server, you may have to buy new devices or invest in migrations.

4. Accessibility

Accessing the information you have stored can be a problem if you have a local server . In this case, your access is usually limited , since you are in a physical room. In the case of wanting to access remotely, there may be a high security risk.

On the other hand, with the server in the cloud it is easy to access your information since it is not stored in a single device. This means you can access at any time and from anywhere .

Which cloud server to choose?

If you are already a user of G Suite (now Google Workspace) and all Google tools , and you know all its benefits, the best solution will be to stay with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) . It is the infrastructure in the Google cloud that allows:

  • Increase security with GCP
  • Reduce costs in infrastructure and unused services, thanks to payment for services.
  • Make the company more scalable
  • Have greater accessibility to data
  • Make the company smarter , thanks to services such as GCP BigQuery , or Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning .

Among the most requested services of Google Cloud Platform are GCP VPN , GCP Cloud Storage or GCP Kubernetes . This option is also being chosen a lot in the following situations:

1. Companies with WordPress websites

If you have a WordPress website and you are interested in finding a good hosting option, GCP also offers Google Cloud Platform WordPress . Depending on the website you have (traffic and desired control), GCP can be implemented in different ways. These include GCP Marketplace, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, or any of the GCP plugins for WordPress.

2. Companies that want to improve Oracle workloads with GCP

If your company is using Oracle services and wants to reduce TCO, increase availability and simplify center and database management, GCP Oracle Database will be a good choice. Google Cloud offers several migration strategies (change of host, platform or code) that will allow you to start taking advantage of Google Cloud Platform easily.

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