What is Google Voice? The Google app to make calls

During the last few years, many applications have appeared to improve remote communication, be it to make video calls (like Google Meet) or to call and send traditional messages, but in an easier and digital way. In this post we will talk about the Google application to make professional calls, Google Voice.

What is Google Voice

Google Voice is a service to make calls work Google . What makes this service different from traditional calls is that it uses the cloud and the internet to call. In this way, you can make calls centrally through your work computer, or with the application installed on the phone. In neither case will you need a physical SIM card with your phone number, since Google will assign one to your account.

What you need to start using Google Voice

In order to use Google Voice , you will need to have a Google Workspace account (formerly G Suite) . This is the collaborative space in the Google cloud, made up of applications such as Gmail for companies , Google Calendar , Google Meet and / or Google Vault . It is for this reason, that if you still do not have a Google Workspace account for your company, you will have to sign it first. If you wish, you can check the Workspace plans . You can contract Workspace with free training and support for the first year through our website, as Google’s Official Premier Partner .

Advantages of using Google Voice

1. Calls from any device

One of the benefits of using Google Voice is that it doesn’t matter where you are and what device you have at your disposal. As it has a web application , you can make calls directly from your computer’s browser or the application installed on your mobile or tablet . This will give you a lot of versatility, since with having the application available on all your devices, you can call or answer from whatever you want.

2. Ease of use

Like the rest of Google applications, this one has been designed to be easy to use, intuitive and to maximize collaboration. With a very simple look and feel, you can access your call history , create new contacts or transfer calls in just one click.

3. Integration with Google Workspace

Using Google Voice together with Workspace , takes the possibilities of making calls to the limit. On the one hand, you can synchronize Voice with Calendar , in order to manage your calls through it. For example, you will be able to follow the working hours that you have configured in Calendar, so that the voice mailbox will be skipped when you are out of it. In addition, it can also be integrated with Google Meet , so you can join video calls directly with Voice .

Another aspect that also simplifies the use of Voice is that when you are in your Gmail inbox, a Google Voice icon will appear on the right panel. In this way, you can also make and receive calls from there.

4. Number provided by Google

One of the aspects that we have already mentioned above is that Google provides you with a phone number that is associated with your Google Voice user . This allows you to have a phone number without requiring an additional SIM card . Thus, you will not have to have two physical phones or a phone that allows you to insert two SIM cards.

5. Scalable and smart

Finally, Google Voice is an application designed with Google technology , which is characterized by being intelligent and innovative. Consequently, the Voice application will allow you to use its artificial intelligence to filter spam calls , automatically transcribe voice messages and configure PBX services . In addition, being a scalable service, you can implement Google Voice internationally and quickly.

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