The Best Cloud Storage Services of 2021 [Part 3]

In the last post of The Best Cloud Storage Services of 2021 we have suggested you guys the best cloud storage services that you can opt for this 2021. Now in this we will continue to giving more info about the cloud services and this is last part of this series, So lets jump into the post.

7. Apple iCloud

  • Free

iCloud Drive changed in 2014 to allow you to store any document or file, even if it had not been created in the Apple app, and access it from your computer (through iCloud for Windows or at, as well as obviously through iOS and any Mac device).

Surely it does not surprise you that it does not have any application for Windows Phone, Android or Blackberry. So we do not recommend Apple iCloud if you are not an iPhone or iPad user.

With this service you will get folders for ‘Tags’, ‘Numbers’ and ‘Pages in iCloud Drive’, and you can also add your own. Many of the third-party apps are now iCloud Drive-enabled, and since iOS 9 there’s also an iCloud Drive app.

The 5GB of free storage is pretty slim, as it’s only a fraction of what you need to use the full range of iCloud services, including backing up your iOS device online . You will have to pay € 0.99 per month for 50 GB, € 2.99 per month for 200 GB or € 9.99 per month for 2TB.

A recent addition to iCloud Drive is the ability to share files between applications, this allows you, for example, to design a graphic and then include it in a presentation.

iCloud Drive also allows you to start working on your iPad and then pick up where you left off on your computer.

While iCloud is fairly secure, much of the information is encrypted in what Apple calls ‘a minimum of 128-bit AES’, with the more than 256-bit standard reserved for ‘keychain passwords’.

Apple also reserves the right to explore the contents of your files if it has reason to believe that they contain illegal or harmful material.

8. Box

While Box offers personal storage options, it is primarily aimed at businesses. However, the free package still gives you 10GB of free space, although there is a 250MB limit for file sizes. This is fine for most documents, spreadsheets, and even high-resolution photos, but not for video.

The free account also does not support versioning (that is, being able to restore previous versions of a file) and, as far as we know, it also does not support upgrading to the Personal Pro plan which costs $ 10 a month for 100GB of storage and a limit. 5GB file size.

For businesses and enterprises there is a wider range of options, starting with the initial $ 5 / month plan, which also offers 100GB, a slightly lower 2GB file size, works with teams of 3-10 people, supports encryption of documents, granular permissions and stores previous versions of any file.

Functionally, Box is very good. The interfaces for the desktop and mobile applications (available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Blackberry) are straightforward and well-designed, with many options for creating, uploading, and classifying files.

In short: For documents and photos it is a good service, but the best experience will be those users who are in companies.

9. Tresorit

  • Free (more storage from £ 8 a month)

As you have seen, there are many services that offer secure storage in the cloud, Tresorit is undoubtedly one of the best.

What has bothered us about Tresorit is that when you sign up you get 3GB of storage space, but they still require you to try a trial version of their Premium package (it costs € 10 per month).

This does not mean that you have to pay, since once your trial period is over you can go back to the free version.

The Premium account offers 100GB of storage, versioning support for previous instances of a document, and granular controls over user permissions on the files and folders you share.

There is a ‘Solo’ account that costs € 25 per month and gives you 1TB of storage.

One of the reasons Tresorit is so secure is that it relies on its file encryption method. Your data is encrypted locally and is subsequently sent to Tresorit’s servers, where it continues to remain encrypted.

Not even Tresorit staff can access your files, thanks to its Zero-Knowledge policy .

For even more security, you can enable ‘two-step verification’, so even if someone steals your laptop or your identification data, they will still not be able to access your files.

Their servers are governed by Swiss privacy laws, so your files will be kept out of the hands of any invasive national agency that feels entitled to access your personal information.

Users of the paid versions, (€ 16 per month for 1TB of storage), have tools that allow them to remotely shred documents, prohibit the ability to print, copy or email documents, and place restrictions on the ability to a recipient to edit a file.

Tresorit has updated its interface to version 3.0 to better integrate with Windows and Mac OS. It can also be accessed from browsers or mobile apps (Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Blackberry) that look good, are easy to use, and work safely.

You will be able to drag folders from other units to the Tresorit application (they will be automatically encrypted) and it will store your files in the cloud.

Also, if you prefer, you can save files directly in the My Tresors folder and they will be available through any Tresorit application.

10. MediaFire

  • Free (more storage from £ 2.70 per month)

Mediafire is a robust and easy-to-use service that offers new users 10GB of free storage to get started. This can be expanded to a whopping 50GB by performing bonus tasks like referring friends and sharing on social media.

The latter can also be useful, as Mediafire allows you to share files directly through sites like Facebook or Twitter.

The service promotes the fact that its users will not be subject to bandwidth or download restrictions, which is possible thanks to the advertising supported by Mediafire.

If you prefer not to, or simply want to increase your storage capacities, then there is the Pro package that includes 1 TB of space, the ability to upload files directly from a website by pasting the link, massive downloads and links from one just once to prevent people from sharing files that you have made available to them.

Pro will cost you $ 3.75 per month. There is a business bundle with up to 100TB for $ 40.

Bottom line: A good cloud storage option for most people, with plenty of free space on offer.

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