How AIDS is caused, know AIDS causes and what are its symptoms

HIV, which we also know by the name of AIDs, AIDs is a disease. When a virus named HIV comes inside our body, then problems like AIDs are seen. AIDs disease weakens a person’s immune system. Which can lead to many diseases! Today we will discuss this topic aids kaise hota hai!

In today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about AIDs/HIV. Like what are AIDs/HIV? What are the symptoms of AIDs? Do AIDs have a cure for the disease? How to prevent AIDs disease etc! I will give you complete information related to this!

This is a disease about which people do not talk openly. And not everyone has complete information about AIDs! Due to lack of information, this disease gets out of control. Due to which a small disease takes the form of an incurable disease in future.

What is AIDS – How is AIDS caused?

AIDs are a kind of sexual disease. Which is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). AIDS is a contagious disease! Which happens from one person to another due to various factors.

AIDS is called Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. Which is caused by the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus.

It is not necessary that someone who has HIV also has AIDs. Actually AIDs are caused by HIV virus. Due to AIDs disease, the immune system inside humans becomes weak. Due to which the human body becomes incapable of fighting diseases.

If the treatment of AIDs disease is available from time to time, then its risk is greatly reduced. If it is not treated properly, then AIDs can also lead to the death of a person.

What are the symptoms of AIDs?

According to a report of doctors, it is a bit difficult to detect this disease in the early days of HIV/AIDs. Because in the early days it is not confirmed quickly when the HIV virus entered our body.

There is no cure for AIDs yet. Although AIDs can be reduced with the help of medicines, but this disease cannot be completely eliminated.

AIDs can be detected with the help of a proper test. Below I have told about some symptoms of AIDS disease. It is often seen that this symptom is definitely seen in people who have AIDS disease. If you see these type of symptoms inside you then definitely contact the doctor!


A person suffering from HIV always has a headache. Well, there can be many other reasons for having a headache. But if your head is hurting again and again! And if you are seeing more symptoms of AIDS, then contact the doctor immediately! AIDS is very different for men than women. Sometimes different symptoms are seen in both. Today I am going to tell you about some common AIDS symptoms.

Having a fever

The patient suffering from AIDS also has the problem of persisting fever all the time.

Enlargement of lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes at the back of the neck, groin, and arms. If you see swelling or any change in the lymph, definitely show it to a good doctor immediately!

Weakening of the immune system

AIDS causes the most damage to our body’s immune system. The immune system of our body is weakened by the HIV virus. And the immunity goes down. Due to which we become victims of diseases very quickly.

Irregular periods

Whenever the HIV virus enters a woman, the menstrual cycle of women changes completely. And for some women, the period also stops coming at the right time. Either fewer periods will come or more periods will come than before!

Sleep a lot

One of the symptoms of AIDS is “excessive sleepiness”. The person suffering from this disease always feels like they are very tired. Fatigue without doing any work also points towards symptoms of taking AIDs.

Sudden weight loss

AIDS patients eat food but the weight starts decreasing on its own. And getting the ideal weight is a challenging task for the AIDS patient.

Red spots

Red rash on the body of a patient of AIDS is one of the main symptoms. Along with this, it also has a very bad effect on the skin of the body.

How do AIDs happen? , Causes of aids

HIV can be transmitted when body fluids containing the virus come into contact with a permeable barrier in the body. Or when it breaks into small pieces in the moist tissues of areas like genitals. Its main carrier is blood, semen, pre-semen fluid, vaginal fluid, rectal fluid, breast milk, etc. Some of the reasons for having HIV are listed below!

  • Whenever a person has sex with a person suffering from HIV / AIDS, then he has more chances of getting AIDS.
  • Using things that are infected with HIV, such as infected syringes.
  • If the mother is infected with HIV, then the HIV virus can enter her child as well.
  • When a child is young, if the mother of that child has HIV, then by breastfeeding, her child is also more likely to get AIDS.
  • If you have sex with an infected woman / man, then you can also get infected with the HIV virus.
  • When the semen / semen of an infected man enters the body of a woman, then that woman can also become infected with HIV.
  • If you want that you never have to suffer from a virus like HIV in future, then understand the points given below very well!
  • Never have sex with an infected person!
  • Do not have sex with any other woman, homosexual, prostitute other than the wife.
  • Clean your genital organs thoroughly after intercourse.
  • Always use new blades, razor for shaving!
  • Before taking blood, get a blood test done!
  • Women infected with HIV should not be proud because HIV disease can be passed on to their baby too.
  • A person with chronic HIV or opportunistic infection may experience complications, including:
  • HIV related encephalopathy
  • Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)
  • Westing syndrome
  • HIV can trigger encephalopathy, or inflammation in the brain.
  • This virus is present in many people, and it usually resides dormant in the kidney.
  • If a person has a weakened immune system, it is possible that HIV or drugs such as the John Cunningham virus for multiple sclerosis can attack the brain. Which leads to PML, which can be life threatening. and can cause paralysis and cognitive difficulties.
  • Westing syndrome occurs when a person involuntarily loses 10% of their muscle mass due to diarrhea, weakness or fever.
  • false myths about aids
  • Unfortunately, people have many misconceptions about HIV, so it is also important to understand why HIV-AIDS does not spread.
  • Due to the bites of insects or mosquitoes.
  • From urine and sweat of an HIV AIDS patient.
  • By shared use of the toilet or swimming pool.
  • By using a towel or cloth from a HIV AIDS patient.
  • By touching or working together with a person with HIV AIDS.
  • By eating in a plate with a person with HIV AIDS!
  • HIV AIDS is not spread even by coughing or sneezing near someone with HIV AIDS.
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