What is Quora? What are the uses and benefits of Quora?

What are Quora? Whenever a question comes in the mind, the name of Quora comes first in the mind. Because Quora is a Question and Qnswer (Q&A) website. On this website, your question can be asked in Hindi and English languages, which is a list of very popular question and answer websites in the world.

If you also want to know about Quora and how to use Quora. How to answer questions on Quora. Who answers on Quora? If you have such questions in your mind, then in this article you are going to get detailed questions about Quora and questions related to Quora below in this article.

  • What is Quora
  • History of quora
  • Use of Quora
  • Benefits of Quora

What is Quora?

Quora.com is a famous website. On which you can ask your questions in Hindi and English and you can also answer the questions. Quora is the best website to answer or answer the world’s most famous questions. On which people of the world come and ask their questions or if you have good knowledge in any field, then you can answer the questions by creating your account.

Earlier Quora could only be used in the English language. But at present you can ask question in Hindi also on Quora and you can get answer in Hindi also. You get a lot of answers on Quora from people. With the help of which you can get better information or answer if you have any question in your mind.

History of Quora

The history of Quora is not very old. This website was established on 25 June 2009. Which was made available to the public a few days later on June 21, 2010. Quora has become a very popular website these days. On which a lot of people come to your product or business related to your business or if you are a blogger, then you can bring a lot of traffic to your website for free from Quora. Even if you are on a YouTube, you can bring a viewer for your channel from Quora by using Quora.

Use of Quora

As far as the use of Quora is concerned, you can ask questions and answers on Quora. If you have knowledge in a particular area like you are aware about health, have knowledge about finance, have knowledge about technology, then you can create your account on it. After creating an account you can help people. Through which you can also earn some money for yourself from here. If you answer any questions of a person, then gradually as your followers increase, then you can also reach the information related to your business to the people. Due to which your business can grow in whatever area you are in. Therefore, Quora is also very beneficial from the point of view of business.

Benefits of Quora

  • You can make yourself popular by making a lot of followers on Quora.
  • You can develop your products business.
  • If you are a blogger then you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.
  • You can earn money from Quora.
  • You can increase your knowledge with Quora.
  • With Quora, you can make your information accessible to people.

Who is the owner of Quora?

Quora is a registered company whose Chief Executive Officer is Adam D’Angelo. The Chief Financial Officer of Quora is Kelly Battles. Quora.com is currently used by people all over the world. The total number of employees in this is about 800. Quora is a United States of America company. Which is located in the city of Mountain View California, USA. Quora’s total revenue is more than $20 million. Quora website has been prepared in Python, C++, C language.

How to search topic for blog from Quora?

If you are a blogger then you can search the topic for yourself from Quora. For that, after opening the Quora website, you can search the related questions in Hindi and English by entering whatever category you have in the search box. Also, in this you get the option that if you want to see the question asked of the last 1 month, 1 year or 1 day ago, then you can easily select it too. I use Quora.com website for my website. Because good topics are available from Quora, which will be much better in the coming time.

Summary What is Quora?

Complete information has been given in this article about what is quora, in which what is quora, what is the history of quora, use of quora, benefits of quora and an attempt has been made to give all the information related to quora. Still, if you have any kind of question related to Quora, then please give your opinion by commenting and how did you like the information given about Quora, do tell by commenting and also share this information with your friends.

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