8 tricks to work from home efficiently

Working from home has become a reality for many people in the last year. Many companies have decided to implement teleworking indefinitely until the situation returns to normal. Others have opted for a hybrid telework model, which maintains physical work on specific days of the week. Whichever option you make, to make teleworking as efficient as possible, here we leave you with a list of our recommendations.

8 tricks to work from home

1. Own space to work

The first recommendation we make to you to work from home is to have your own space and, if it can be, set aside to do so. Spending all day in the same room where you eat, work and sleep, will harm your productivity since you will hardly feel that you get to disconnect. We recommend having a space that is totally dedicated to work and that is quiet.

2. Try to follow the usual routines

Although one of the good things about working from home is the possibility of avoiding wasted time on the move, we recommend that you try to follow the usual routines that are followed when working physically. Performing certain activities, such as showering, dressing or having a coffee can help you to activate yourself and feel in the same mood as if you were going to work.

3. Organize your day to day

Having a good organization is essential to working from home. Even if you are not in the office, it is good to try to schedule daily tasks and objectives so as not to take focus from your priorities. A good option during teleworking is to do it with collaborative tools in the cloud, such as Google Calendar , which allow you to share your agenda with your team. In this way, apart from having a good organization, you will also improve distance communication.

4. Define your priorities

Related to the previous point, it is very important to be able to define your main priorities , whether daily or weekly. To do this, we recommend making a list of the 5 most important things you need to achieve in your day or week, to focus solely on these. This way, you will avoid getting distracted or getting stuck in low priority tasks and it will be easier for you to achieve goals.

5. Make video calls regularly

Although some people may consider video calls a waste of time, if done well they become a key part of not losing contact when working from home. For videoconferences with your team to be effective, you must have a good application to carry them out and have a meeting planning . On the one hand, an application such as Google Meet , among others , that is easy to use and has collaborative functionalities, can make the meeting much more efficient and creative. For example, Google Meetnow includes a feature that allows you to see the faces of your team while editing Drive documents in parallel. On the other hand, you should have a planning with the time you want to dedicate to each part, to avoid wasting more time than necessary.

6. Take breaks

It seems obvious, but taking breaks is even more important when working from home. When teleworking, it is common to spend a lot of time in front of the screen and not take any breaks. We always recommend making breaks for about 10 minutes to rest your eyes and move around a bit, even around the house. This will help you to get active and will make your day to day much more bearable.

7. Has the necessary tools

Another point that seems obvious but is essential to be able to work from home correctly. Although teleworking took many of us by surprise and without the necessary material to implement it optimally, it is important to start having adequate resources to work from anywhere . When we talk about tools, we refer both to a suitable desk, chair and screen so as not to force body posture and eyesight, as well as computers and software prepared for remote work. Currently, there are different applications that allow you to collaborate easily. Our recommendation is to opt for spaces such as Google Workspace , in which you have all the necessary applications and functionalities, in one place.

8. Take advantage of your moments of maximum productivity

Changes are often a good excuse to take advantage of and introduce new improvements. In the case of telecommuting , too. We are not only talking about normalizing the possibility of working from home or from anywhere , but also about changing the mentality of work. For this reason, we believe that it may be a good time to change the way we work, and let’s begin to guide ourselves through our moments of maximum productivity . We all have times of the day when we are more or less productive. This is why it is a good idea to focus the maximum workload in those moments when we are most efficient, and reduce it when not. Thus, wear is avoided and the achievement of objectives is facilitated.

Thank you guys 🙂

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