Why Google Workspace Training is essential, not just useful

The cloud based Google Workspace suite of apps offers organizations the productivity and collaboration tools needed to get work done, from anywhere. Applications such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar are becoming more integrated and powerful to allow employees to stay organized and improve their workflows. This is just one of the reasons why Google Workspace training has become essential for businesses that want to thrive rather than just survive in these challenging times.

With the fast rollout of the new way of working, there is an immediate learning curve for employees who use productivity applications within Google Workspace. Organizations deploying it, or already using it, need to ensure that employees make the most of its smart features and collaborate efficiently in the current dynamic circumstances.

Effective Google Workspace training ensures that an organization gets the best value from its investment and empowers employees to use it to its full capability, by working together and staying up to date with the latest features.

Training is also essential for businesses switching their operations from Office 365 to Google Workspace. Although the concepts are similar, there are differences in areas such as interface, collaboration and sharing.

By offering employees the chance to attend a Google Workspace training course, organizations can make sure their employees are up to speed quickly and know how to manage common operations as quickly as possible, saving a lot of time in the long run. Training sessions will also ease any employee concerns about a switch, which can sometimes cause resistance from teams within an organization.

OK, so the benefits of training are clear, whether you’re new to Google Workspace or simply want to use it the best way you can within your organization. There are loads of training resources out there if you’ve got the time and headspace to seek them out, but don’t you need to be doing your day job? There are shiny online training portals offering 1000’s of remote DiY ‘go at your own pace’ courses, but who actually finishes these and who do you ask if you get stuck with something?

With the likelihood of sitting in a classroom environment an unlikely prospect any time soon and with budgets and deadlines tight, live trainer-led webinar style events are both a user-friendly and cost-effective training option. The best way to learn how to use online tools is to do it online and with a live event; any questions can be answered by an experienced trainer, to ensure continuity in learning. Quality content, taught by expert instructors with good examples, in small groups during bite sized sessions deliver highly focused interactive and effective courses.

If you’re responsible for training up new starters, ensuring your Admins are shining stars or simply making sure everyone is using Workspace to do their job the best way possible then find out more about Google Workspace.

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