World Thyroid Awareness Day 2022: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

World Thyroid Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and treatment.

May 25 is celebrated as World Thyroid Day. The goal of this day is to raise awareness about the condition, its research, and treatment options. It also aims to raise thyroid illness awareness among people who are unaware of their medical condition.

Thyroid disease refers to a group of conditions affecting the thyroid gland. The decision to commemorate World Thyroid Day on May 25 was made in Leipzig, Germany, in 2007.

In partnership with the American Thyroid Association (ATA) and the Latin American Thyroid Society, the European Thyroid Association (ETA) was established on this day.


The thyroid gland is a little butterfly-shaped gland in the neck. The main function of this gland is to control the body’s metabolic rate.

The right level of these hormones in the body is maintained by a healthy thyroid gland. The thyroid gland can generate too much or too few thyroid hormones, which can result in a number of issues.

Hypothyroidism is caused by a decrease in thyroid hormone, which results in rapid weight gain, and hyperthyroidism is caused by an increase in thyroid hormone.


Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are the two most common kinds of thyroid. Other disorders that affect the thyroid gland’s function can cause both problems.

Iodine shortage, dysfunction of other critical glands in the system, thyroid gland inflammation, and other causes can all contribute to thyroid disorders.


Common symptoms:

  • Swelling in the neck
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Changes in energy and mood
  • hair fall
  • Feeling very cold or hot.

Hyperthyroidism symptoms:

  • Anxiety, irritability, and nervousness
  • Weight loss
  • Tremors and muscle weakness
  • Reduced menstrual flow.

Hypothyroidism symptoms:

  • Feeling fatigued
  • Gaining weight
  • Having trouble remembering things
  • Heavy and frequent menstrual flow.


During treatment, the goal is to get your thyroid hormone levels back to normal. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on the underlying cause of your thyroid issue.

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