Instructions for using Shared Drives on Google Drive

Surely many of you who use Google Drive Unlimited wonder what is shared memory ? What are Shared Drives ? When using Google Drive, some accounts will see Shared Storage (or Shared Drives) under My Drive.

Google Drive shared storage is a service that has been around for a long time but not many people know, in this tutorial GDrive.VIP will send you detailed information about Google Drive Shared Storage. How to install and use Shared Storage and tips to get the most out of Shared Storage with unlimited storage and complete control over what’s updated in Shared Storage Google Drive.

What is shared memory? What are Shared Drives?

Shared memory (Shared Drives) with the old name of the Drive Group or Team Drives

Shared memory is a common storage space so that Teams in your company, organization, .. can easily store, search and access their document files from anywhere. anywhere and on any device.

Unlike files in My Drive, data in Shared Storage belongs to a shared group instead of an individual. So even when Team members leave, these files are kept intact, allowing your Team to continue to access data, share information, and get work done.

Or more simply, Shared Memory can add the gmail of one or more members to the group, that member’s gmail will be uploaded to that group without limit. Also known as sharing space for other accounts.

User Manual Shared Memory

Step 1 : You need to log in to the Google Drive service, sure. Login address for those who are lazy => . After successfully logging in, click directly on the link or click on Shared storage:

Step 2 : This is the basic interface of Google Drive. You can see the logo in the upper right corner of the image.
Next we pay attention to a few points as follows:

  • The blue circled part  => indicates the storage capacity, because it is not limited, you do not need to care about this part.
  • The green circled => shared memories are available, you can see that you have created a shared memory that is You do not need to care because I guide you to create a new one.
  • The orange circled part => you click to create a new shared memory.

Shall we go to the next step?

Step 3 : After clicking on create new shared memory, this part will be to name the shared memory. You can set whatever you want, as long as you remember. I didn’t create any shared memory, so I can’t put anything because I’m the only one to use it =)). After you name the shared memory, click ” Create ” to go to step 4.

Step 4 : After clicking “ Create ” folder in step 3, you will be transferred to the new interface. The interface of the shared memory folder. Here is some information that Google lists out as:

  • The name of the shared memory, here I put it: GDrive.VIP – Sell Google Drive account with unlimited storage
  • Below is the number of members and links to add new members.

Step 5 : At this step will be the step to add new members to the shared memory. Here you will have some requirements to get started like:

  • 1. You can enter the member’s name or email address in the shared storage to add. You should enter your email to avoid confusion.
  • 2. At the permission section, I circled in red with the following options:
    • Manager : if the account is granted this permission, it means that the member will have full control over other members, can upload documents / edit documents and delete documents uploaded by other members up.
    • Content manager : this authorized member can upload documents and edit and delete all existing files in the shared storage folder.
    • Contributors : this authorized member can upload documents and edit all existing files in the shared storage folder.
    • Commenters : Can comment on all files, no permission to upload or delete files.
    • Viewer : Can only view document content :D.

By default, Google gives second access ( Content Manager ), which is quite risky. You should leave permissions for accounts in the group as ( Contributors ). This will reduce the risk of possibly editing someone else’s document by mistake. Although Google has a “roll-back” function, it is also complicated in general :D.

  • The content you can note for the newly added member. You can’t write anything, you can’t write anything :D.

After you’re done, click ” Submit ” to let Google automatically notify new members :D. Step 6 : After step 5 is successful, the content of this article is considered over. From step 6, I will introduce a little more about other functions of Google Drive Shared Storage . Here are some quick utility links (menu).

To quickly view members / edit member permissions, you can always click on the link ” 2 members “.

Step 7 : After clicking on the link in step 6. A pop-up will appear for all members, you can edit access rights or remove members from this group. Just like the picture you guys :D. All Vietnamese, so I don’t have to speak too much, right?

Step 8 : Next will be a more functional part, you can click on the upside-down triangle link at the end of the group’s name. Clicking on it will have the following options:

  • Add members  => this is obvious :D. How to add members, you can review in  step 5
  • Member management  => it’s clear, you can quickly access this in  step 7
  • Sending emails to members  => pretty cool function, for example, to announce something like “Let’s drink at 5 pm / have a new document file” so all 500 members in the group will receive Very cool and saves time.
  • Shared memory settings
  • Change the topic  => you can change the cover interface of the group, similar to facebook.
  • Change name
  • Search in
  • View recycle bin  => deleted files will be in the recycle bin, you can go to get them back or delete them completely
  • Delete group drive

Step 9 : You can see the activity history of the group members by clicking on the “i” icon on the right :D.

Now users won’t have to spend time syncing documents or worry about consuming memory space. With Drive File Stream, you and your colleagues can access and work anytime.

Upload and share files on Google Drive Shared Storage

Upload and share files or create folders on a shared memory drive as well as a regular gmail. However, in the shared memory drive section, Google does not allow users to share folders, but only shares files to limit the abuse of Google Drive’s shared memory feature.

Some note:

– You cannot share folders in Shared Storage, only files can be shared.
– You cannot move folders from My Drive to Shared Storage, You can only move Files, of course the file must be owned by you.
– If the file is not yours, you can copy the file to your file before moving it to the Shared Storage.

How to exit Google Drive Shared Storage, delete Shared Storage

If you are a Manager , go to Manage Members then delete the Member you want to delete

If you are a Content Manager, Contributor, Commenter,  Viewer , the only way to ask your Manager to remove you from that Shared Storage is .

There are two ways to clear Shared Storage:

  1. Go to Member Management and delete you
  2. Delete all that content, files, folders, then select Clear shared storage.
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