How to create a group calendar in Google Calendar

Having a good internal organization is essential to be able to be more efficient and increase performance . Especially during teamwork, in which it is very important that all members know exactly what has to be done and by when. That is why today we will explain how to create a group calendar in Google Calendar to improve both the organization of team projects and efficiency in scenarios such as teleworking.

Who can create group calendars in Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a Google application that is included in both the free version of Gmail and the version of Gmail for Business (G Suite). However, some advanced options like this can only be found in G Suite . In the case that you want to create a calendar for a closed group in your organization, you will need to be the administrator of the G Suite accounts .

Steps to create a group calendar in Google Calendar

1. Create the group

If you want to create a calendar for certain members of your team, and not for the entire organization, you will first have to create a Google Group. To create a group you can do it in different ways: from the administration console or from the Google Groups application .

Option 1: Administration Console (for G Suite administrators only)

  1. Enter the Administration Console . Remember that if you are not the administrator or do not have access to this account, you will not be able to perform this step.
  2. Go to Groups.
  3. Click Create Group .
  4. Below it will ask you for more information about the group. Enter the Group Name, Description, Email and group owners.
  5. Set up the group, entering the roles of owner, administrator and member. In addition, you can also configure the access and admission options to the group.
  6. Click on Create Group .

Option 2: Google Groups

This option can be done by any member of the team, as long as Google Groups for Business is activated. If it is not, contact your administrator to do so.

  1. Sign in to Google Groups .
  2. Create a new group.
  3. Fill in the information about the group and configure it.
  4. Click Create group .

2. Create the calendar

The second step is to create the calendar in Google Calendar. For this you must:

  1. Sign in with your G Suite administrator account.
  2. Go to Google Calendar
  3. Create a new calendar (+) , on the left side of the screen and next to Other calendars.
  4. Add a name, description, and time zone to the calendar.
  5. Click on Create calendar.

3. Share the calendar with your group

Finally, you must share the calendar with the group that you created at the beginning. To do this you must:

  1. Click on the calendar you want to share
  2. Go to Access Permissions.
  3. If you want to share it with your entire organization:
  4. Mark Share with * your domain *
  5. In Permissions, click on the down arrow and choose the desired option.
  6. If you want to share with a specific group;
  7. Click Share with specific people.
  8. Click Add people
  9. In Permissions , click on the down arrow and choose the desired option.
  10. Click on Send.
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