2 Ways to See The Fastest and Most Accurate Gmail Account Creation Date

How to find the fastest Gmail creation date. To recover your Google account, you may need to know the exact date of account creation. Here is a guide on how to find the simplest Gmail creation date .

Uses of Gmail creation date

Mainly it serves as the answer when you recover your Gmail account when you forget your password. Please note that it is extremely important and useful for you in some cases.

And also note that you should not share with anyone else the Gmail creation date because unexpected problems can occur, which can lead to account loss.

Method 1: Check Gmail creation date through POP settings

  1. This is an unlikely solution, but the POP settings can show the date you created your Gmail account. To access it, click the Configuration icon (cog) in the top right corner > select See all options in settings  > click  Forwarding and POP/IMAP .
  2. In the Download via POP section , find the Status line . If you’re lucky, you’ll see: 1. Status: POP enabled for all incoming messages from [created date] 
  3. However, if you have changed the POP settings or used an account of an organization that has preconfigured this setting, the date will not be displayed.

Method 2: Find the Gmail creation date through Google APIs

  1. How to find Gmail’s creation date through Google APIs so you can rest assured about security
  2. First, you visit this link:  Visit
  3. Then you scroll down and select Execute
  4. Then log in to the Gmail account you need to see or click “Use another account” if you want to log in to an account that is not already on your computer.
  5. Scroll down and select Allow to continue
  6. And this is the result :3, you immediately pay attention to the part with the number 200, scroll down and find the word “createdTime” and you will see the date of account creation  (note on the image is in the format YYYY-MM -DD) and the date is recorded as DD-MM-YYYY (For example, if the picture is 2018-12-13, the creation date is 12-13-2018)

Hopefully with the above guide, you will find the exact date of creating your Gmail account.

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