You will be shocked to hear these 8 benefits of figs (Anjeer)

Nuts are very important in the life of all of us Indians. Like me, all of you must have consumed almonds, dry grapes, makhana, raisins, etc. in abundance. The dry fruit we are going to talk about today is figs. You may or may not have eaten figs, but you may not know that the properties of all the dry fruits mentioned above are present in it. Let us know in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of figs –

What is fig? (Anjeer)

Fig is a fruit of a vegetative tree, it falls from the tree when it is ripe, the ripe fruit is eaten by people and some fruits are dried and then they are sold in the market.

Apart from this, dry fruits are grinded and eaten with milk and sugar. It is a very beneficial fruit. Marmalade is also made from this fruit. The dried fruit of figs contains 62 to 63 percent sugar while the ripe fruit contains 22%.

Fig is a tree or shrub found in a very small Central Sea region and Southwest Asian region. The plot between northern India and Turkestan is believed to be its origin. People used to like it very much in the olden times.

It is very small in appearance but the size of a sycamore, this fruit does not have any characteristic aroma of its own but it is juicy and pulpy. Talking about the color, it can be light yellow, deep golden or deep purple in color. The taste of this fruit depends on where it is grown and how ripe it is, it is eaten with the peel, seeds and pulp.

Medicinal properties of figs

Fig fruit is used as a dry fruit. Fig plant is considered a vegetable plant, it has many medicinal properties which are very good for our health. The medicinal properties found in it are as follows.

  • Figs are beneficial in immediate blood gall bladder, head and blood diseases.
  • Consumption of figs is also considered beneficial in hemorrhage and leprosy.
  • The parts used as medicine of figs are fig root, fig leaf, fig stem, fig fruit, fig oil.
  • Apart from these, chronic cough, shortness of breath, blood coagulation, heat of the skin, constipation, white spots, weakness, ringworm and heart disease are treated by fig home medicine, homeopathic medicine, and ayurvedic medicines.

Nutrients of Fig (Anjeer)

Figs are very much liked for being a nutritious and delicious fruit. Many nutrients are found in figs. The amount of anti-oxidants in it is very high, so it works to increase immunity. Apart from this, many types of vitamins and minerals are also found in figs.

It is believed that 100 grams of dried figs provide 209 calories, 4 grams of protein, 48 points 6 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fat and 9.2 grams of fiber, while the amount of all these elements is less in 100 grams of fresh figs. That is why dried figs are more beneficial. Apart from these, elements like sugar, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, folate etc. are found in figs.

Fig (Anjeer) Uses

As we mentioned, fig is known as a vegetable. It is useful for our health in many ways. It can be used in various ways to get the medicinal properties of figs.

  • Figs can be eaten with the peel or peeled off.
  • If you are going somewhere, then you can take dried figs with you because dried figs are easy to carry along.
  • Figs can also be eaten by adding them to salads.
  • Fig fruit can also be eaten as a garnish on ice cream or cakes.
  • Dried figs have more sugar than fresh figs, so if you want to make something sweet at home, you can use dried figs instead of sugar.
  • Figs are also used in making marmalade.
  • Dried figs are also used in porridge, in which it acts as a sweetener.
  • Dried figs can also be consumed by adding them to soups.

Benefits of eating figs (Anjeer)

It is believed that the consumption of figs is good for health. Also, in many diseases, it can bring relief to a great extent, but in any serious disease, it would be right to get treatment from a doctor. Let us further explain how it is beneficial –

1. Benefits of Figs for Digestion and Constipation

If you consume figs regularly, then the digestive system does its work well due to its consumption and fiber is found in figs which can prevent constipation. To keep the digestive system healthy, soak two to three figs in water at night and eat it in the morning with honey or just like that, consuming figs in this way will greatly benefit the digestive system. Figs are rich in fiber, due to which it makes the stool soft and clears the stomach from the acidity.

2. Use of Figs to Control Weight

The higher the calories in the nuts, the more it will prove to be a factor in increasing weight. Because figs are low in calories and high in fiber, it does not allow weight gain. If the figs are dry, you can also lose weight, as the fat is less available in it.

3. Benefits of Figs for the Heart

Figs not only control weight, but this nut is also very beneficial for the heart. Two points are important to keep the heart safe and healthy, the first is not to allow weight gain and the availability of lipoproteins in the body is high. Regular use of figs fulfills both these points.

4. Benefits of Eating Figs for Liver

The leaves of the fig tree are considered beneficial for the liver. It is believed that along with the fruits of figs, its leaves can also be very good for health, which can prove to be very effective in keeping the liver healthy.

Fig leaves have hepatoprotective or liver protection properties, whose function is to protect the liver from harmful substances. You must be wondering how to consume fig leaves. You dry the leaves in the sun and make a powder and consume it. Apart from the powder, fig leaves can also be consumed by adding them to tea.

5. Benefits of Figs for Diabetes

As we mentioned above, fig leaves are also very beneficial in health, there are many such beneficial elements present in fig leaves which are beneficial for diabetic patients. Ethyl ethate extract is found in fig leaves whose function is to improve insulin sensitivity.

Consumption of figs helps in the treatment of diabetes by balancing the amount of fatty acids and vitamin E present in the blood.

6. Benefits of Figs for Bones

Dried figs are also considered very beneficial for bones as figs are a good source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. All these elements work to strengthen the bones. We all know that calcium is the most important factor for the strength of bones and figs are one of the best sources of calcium. That is why it is necessary to include figs in your diet every day.

7. Benefits of Figs in Cancer Prevention

Consuming figs regularly can be so beneficial that you cannot even imagine. If you consume figs daily in some form or the other, then it can also protect you from deadly diseases like cancer. The problem of breast cancer is seen a lot in women, women should keep consuming the fruit of figs. It should also be consumed so that there is no cancer like cancer in the stomach, because figs are also very effective for the stomach.

8. Uses of Figs for Blood Pressure

Figs contain elements like flavonoids, phenol and potassium, which keep high blood pressure or blood pressure in front. People who include figs in their daily routine are protected from high blood pressure and heart diseases. Because the problem of heart attack is mostly due to high blood pressure, therefore eating figs can also prevent heart attack.

What we learn today?

In today’s article, we got information about benefits of  eating figs (Anjeer). In this post, know in detail about the benefits of figs (Anjeer), uses of figs (Anjeer), etc.

Hope you liked this article very much.

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