What is Polygon Matic coin?

What is Polygon Matic coin? How much can Polygon Matic coin increase according to price prediction? Is it right to invest money in this? If yes, then how much money and what price should I invest? How and why did it become so popular? You must be surrounded by many such questions. But do not panic because in this article detailed answers to all your questions have been given in simple language.

What is Polygon Matic Coin?

This is nothing but a cryptocurrency. But the special thing in this is that Polygon Matic coin is an Indian cryptocurrency. That is to say, the creator of it, that is, its founders are all Indian. In today’s date, it has become a very popular coin. There are many reasons for this, which we will learn about later.

According to Coinmarketcap, the Polygon Matic coin is ranked in the top 20. Strictly speaking, it ranks at no 16. Its market cap is around $9,755,202,980. Market i.e. crypto market is currently in 6.4Bn Polygon Matic coins circular.

Circulating Supply: 64,58,576,924

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

How did Matic Coin get started?

As you know that this is an Indian cryptocurrency, it was started in the year 2017 October by three Indians, Jayanti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal and Anurag Arjun, made the Matic coin. These three were blockchain experts as well as good business consultants. Later, in the year 2019, it was renamed as Polygon Matic coin.

Why was Polygon Matic created?

Hardly anyone knows Ethereum today. After Bitcoin, if any coin dominates the crypto market, it is Ethereum. This coin comes in No 2 (Rank 2) in the crypto market. Ethereum is the most popular hub for DeFi progress and activities. But it also has some big flaws. As such, its blockchain is not easily compatible with other blockchains. And the second major drawback is that its transaction fees are very high. To overcome all these shortcomings, the Polygon Matic coin was created. This increases the Ethereum blockchain as much as possible (increases scalability) and also reduces transaction fees to a great extent.

Polygon i.e. Matic Network is a kind of scalable solution which is designed to scale up the network of Ethereum. Polygon Matic makes Ethereum a multi-chain system, just like Polka Dot.

Polygon Matic Coin Price

According to the graph of Coinmarketcap, today i.e. August 17, 2021, its price is approximately $1.4418 i.e. INR 107. However, two weeks (2 weeks before) its price was around 80-85 only. That is, in just 15 days, its price has jumped by almost 30%. And this is just the beginning of Polygon Matic. You can easily invest Matic Coin in INR from India’s largest exchange WazirX.

Matic Coin Price Prediction

The price of any cryptocurrency depends on many factors. If the project is good then the price may increase. If it is built on a very good blockchain, then the price of the coin will increase, even if there is the support of a big rich man (Billionaire), the price of the coin can skyrocket.

But does Polygon Matic coin have some of these reasons which can take the price up to a lot? You will be happy to be numb that all the reasons are just there. Matic coin is not only built on a very good blockchain, but it helps to scale the Ethereum blockchain itself.

Matic coin 2 was created for a very big reason, one of which was to support Ethereum and the second which is very important, that is, to make transaction fees work. That is to say, not Polygon Matic, the cable is built on a good blockchain, but its purpose is very big, that is, the project is very good.

Now let’s see whether there is a billionaire’s hand behind the Polygon Matic coin like Elon Musk’s is behind the DOGE coin. Yes, absolutely it is. Mark Cuban, who is a very big Entrepreneur of America, he has bought Polygon Matic Coin in very large quantities some time ago. He even said that if anyone wants to confirm this, then he can go to his company website and check the portfolio of the company.

For your information, let us tell you that Mark Cuban has already invested a large amount in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As soon as this message of Mark Cuban came out, it was seen to see the amazing jump in Matic Coin. This means that if Mark Cuban or someone else like him invests in Polygon Matic in the future or even just says some good things on Twitter, then no one can stop Matic’s price from skyrocketing.

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