Why does the phone battery drain quickly?

Why does the battery of the phone run out quickly? For this reason, all the people used to have small phones, so because of not having an Android phone then we did not even use any application and that is why the battery of our phone lasted for two to three days.

It was a bit different in the earlier days, but now we all have smartphones, due to which we use different types of applications in our smartphones and enjoy playing games as well. If you buy a smartphone and run games or applications in it, then initially you get good battery backup. But after a few days the battery of your phone starts draining very quickly. Then many people keep thinking that why the battery of the phone gets exhausted quickly. So let us give you a solution to this problem today.

Why mobile phone battery drains quickly?

There can be many reasons for the fast draining of the phone’s battery, but below we are telling you some important reasons, due to which the battery of your phone drains quickly. If you want to save the battery of your phone, then you should avoid the below mentioned reasons.

1. Using Live Wallpapers

There are many people who like to have new wallpapers in their phone and they keep changing the wallpaper of their phone every day. And there are some people who use live wallpaper on their phone and this is the reason why using live wallpaper starts draining the battery of your smartphone. And you do not understand why the battery of your smartphone is running out quickly. So if you want to save battery of your smartphone then you should avoid using live wallpaper.

2. Keep the screen brightness high

There are many people who keep increasing the brightness of their smartphone without any means, due to which the battery of their phone starts draining quickly. The brightness of the screen is mostly used for gaming or even watching a video in the phone. Due to which the battery of your phone starts draining quickly and you do not even know. You should always keep the brightness of your phone’s screen low, by this you can save your phone’s battery from draining quickly.

3. Using more applications

Some people have a habit that they download many applications and then leave them as they are by using those applications. But if you use any application in your phone and do not stop that application completely by going to settings, then it keeps running in the background of your phone. Due to which slowly the battery of your phone starts draining.

That’s why use only as many applications as you need. Uninstall unneeded applications, this will save your phone’s battery.

4. Keeping Wi-Fi and Mobile Data On

As these days more and more people hit a data pack of one or two GB a day and then they do not have to worry about ending the net, and that is why they do not turn off their mobile data. There are some people who forget to turn off their Wi-Fi and internet data. And then when the battery of their smartphone starts running out soon, then those people think that why the battery of their phone is running out so quickly.

If the same is happening to you, then you should remember to turn off your mobile Wi-Fi and internet data when the data is not working. If you do this then the battery of your phone also starts lasting longer.

5. Always keep phone location on

There are many people who do not pay attention to this matter. But this small thing can drain the battery of your smartphone very quickly. Whenever you use any application, then more and more applications ask you to turn on your location and you turn on your location.

But when you stop using this application, then you do not turn off the location of your phone. Due to which your phone battery drains very soon. So if you want to save your phone’s battery, then you should keep your phone’s location off when it is not working.

Why the phone’s battery drains quickly, it has been given in detail. We hope that by reading this information you will be able to increase the battery backup of your mobile. If you have any other question regarding this then you can ask us in the comment box below. We will reply you very soon.

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