GSuite vs Office 365: 6 reasons to choose G Suite

Do you want to know which one to choose?

The eternal fight: GSuite vs Office 365 , which one is better? As you well know, in your day-to-day professional life, it is essential to have tools and applications that make your work easier and more productive, tools that allow your team to collaborate.

Currently, the trend is that more and more businesses are opting for cloud-based environments . It is for this reason that the Cloud world has more and more competitors. You have probably heard a lot about GSuite and Office 365, the main service packages from Google and Microsoft.

But you still don’t know which option is best for your organization? Next, we want to give you a series of tips why, from here , we recommend  GSuite as the best corporate communication tool, from which your employees can increase efficiency at work.

6 reasons to choose GSuite in your company

1. Email: Gmail

You may already be familiar with the appearance of our beloved Gmail. Well, the G Suite tray is exactly the same! In this way, the intuitive and simple interface of Gmail is used to make your adaptation process easier. In addition, Gmail allows us to quickly configure an automatic response and informs us of all the sessions that have been in your account, also showing information about the devices.

On the contrary, with Office 365 the mail is that of Outlook, which has a less familiar design to most. This can make the adaptation process longer and tedious than with Gmail. In addition, the Google interface is more deductive, an advantage for the rapid integration of the team after its implementation. 

Image of google gmail mail

2. Large storage capacity

One of the strengths of G Suite is the large storage capacity that all plans have. In the case of GSuite Basic , it has  30 GB . On the other hand, with GSuite Business (from 5 users) and Enterprise , the storage is totally unlimited .

In addition, we must also bear in mind that documents from Google apps, such as Docs, Sheets or Slides, do not take up storage space. Therefore, these applications do not affect the space available in our G Suite plan. In addition, with a single click, the Google Suite converts Microsoft Office files into Drive documents, assigning them a URL and allowing collaboration on the document, so there are no incompatibility problems either.

3. Cloud applications

While Microsoft Office desktop applications require installation, maintenance, and updating by an IT team, the G Suite workbench uses browser-based  and cloud- based applications . This way, your data is more secure and you don’t need to invest as much effort in IT . In addition, teams have the ability to make more optimized use of applications, reinforcing collaboration and teamwork.

On the other hand, something very positive about G Suite is that there is nothing to prevent combining the Office 365 applications with those of Google . This is a good thing if you want to have the unlimited space that G Suite offers you, without losing the possibility of continuing to use Microsoft Office 365. You can purchase the offline version of Microsoft applications and save your files in Google Drive, via Google Desktop Sync . 

You can also install the Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office .

Image from google apps

4. Improve your team collaboration

A great advantage of working in the cloud is the collaboration possibilities that it opens up. On the one hand, with G Suite, you will no longer have to work with different versions of files. Instead, you can  simply open a document in the browser and see, in real time, the edits your team members are making .

Both G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 do this kind of collaboration using their online applications. However, we must bear in mind that G Suite is native in the cloud and in the collaborative environment, so it is designed and adapted to this environment. Instead, Office 365 is transforming and evolving from desktop applications.

In addition, G Suite offers shared calendars in all its plans.  In contrast, event and appointment planning apps are only available on Office 365 Premium plans.

Image of collaborative documents

5. Your video calls, to another level

Video calls are essential in any organization. This is due to the need for more flexible work, the increase in business trips and teamwork becoming more and more frequent.

To carry out these videoconferences there are many applications. The most used in the professional field are Google Hangouts and Skype for Business. However, Google Hangouts improves the video conferencing experience. It is much faster, allows easy screen sharing, and can be synchronized with the calendar . This makes it much easier to organize video calls in meeting rooms and share them with your team.

6. Synchronization and offline work

Both Office 365 and G Suite provide desktop applications to sync local data with the cloud and vice versa: OneDrive and Google Drive Sync, respectively.

These applications allow you to save a file to the cloud that appears on your local drive, or vice versa. This is useful if you need to work on documents offline, want to back up or upload local files to your cloud storage.

However, remember that working offline makes your data less secure in the event that your device is stolen. In this sense,  G Suite starts with work online and in the cloud, without forgetting work offline.  However, he leaves it as a second option for exceptional occasions.

Final Result Who is Best G-Suite vs Office

As we have seen, if you want to have an easy, flexible and collaborative environment that is totally cloud-based and offers you a wide range of possibilities, your best option is G Suite . There are many success stories that the Google Suite has generated, and it is currently one of the best tools of 2020 in internal communication of companies

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