How to copy someone else’s Google Drive file to your account [New 2021]

Besides Copy Folder Google Drive I shared last time Copy Google Drive file is also a very necessary function when using a Google Drive account. Surely you need to use it, for example, in case someone shares a Google Drive file with you, you want to copy it to your Google Drive account but do not want to download it to your computer and re-upload it, because some The file can be a few gb or a few tens of gb, which is very time consuming.

Therefore, copying someone else’s Google Drive file to your account using an automatic tool is the fastest and most convenient way. Today, WE will guide you to do this:

Instructions to copy other people’s Google Drive files to your account

As you know, recently Google Drive update led to Create copies ( Make a copy ) does not work as before, every time when you want to copy a file to Google Drive that into account file then you will Add shortcut to Drive -> Make a copy then the file will be yours. But from May 2020 it is no longer possible!

Therefore, now Add shortcut to Drive or Create backup is the same, the file will not be saved on your Google Drive but just a shortcut.

So the fastest and most efficient way now is to use Add-on Copy, URL to Google Drive™

Step 1: Install the Add-on, visit:

Click Install

Step 2: Then access the file you want to copy, it will display the Open with Copy function , URL to Google Drive as shown below:

If not, select the down arrow button ( Open with ) and select Copy, URL to Google Drive

Step 3: It will display a new Tab, then you follow the instructions to confirm and grant permission to copy files to your Google Drive account, click Login & Authorize :

Select the account you want to copy the file to:

Confirm permission by clicking Allow :

Step 4: Finally, click Save, Copy to Google Drive to copy the file to your Google Drive, 1 second will report success ( File saved successfully ) as shown:

That’s it, go to your Google Drive account to see the results.

Thus, We has shown you how to copy and copy other people’s Google Drive files to your account quickly and conveniently, isn’t it.

Good luck.

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