iPhone 13 deal revealed ahead of Amazon Great Indian Festival

Prepare for excitement as Amazon India is set to rock your world with an astounding offer on the iPhone 13, just in time for the upcoming Diwali sale extravaganza.

In Short

  • Amazon India has unveiled a significant discount for the iPhone 13 ahead of its Great Indian Festival sale, offering a discount of Rs 13,901 on the smartphone’s original price.
  • Additional discounts can be availed through SBI bank card offers and exchange deals, reducing the effective price to Rs 39,999, the lowest price ever for the iPhone 13 on Amazon.
  • For those with larger budgets, the high-end iPhone 15, with superior camera quality and improved performance, can be obtained at a slightly reduced price.

Brace yourselves for a massive discount of Rs 13,901 on the iPhone 13 during this festive season. But here’s the kicker: You can drive that price down even further by capitalizing on incredible bank card offers and exchange deals. Let’s dive deep into the iPhone 13 deal and see if it’s the right choice, especially now that the iPhone 15 has made its grand entrance.

First things first, mark your calendars for the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale, commencing on October 8, with early access for Prime members.

During this epic sale, the iPhone 13 will hit its rock-bottom price point. Amazon’s teaser page is already teasing an unbelievable listing price of Rs 45,999, a jaw-dropping drop from its original price of Rs 59,900 as seen at Apple stores.

And here’s a bonus: If you wield the power of SBI bank cards, you can slice an additional Rs 2,500 off that price, making it an irresistible Rs 43,499.

Those willing to part with their trusty old phones will be graced with an extra exchange discount of Rs 3,500, though the exact exchange value may fluctuate. Crunch the numbers, and with the flat discount, bank card magic, and exchange wizardry, the iPhone 13’s effective price plummets to a tantalizing Rs 39,999.

But even if you choose to hang on to your beloved old phone, Amazon’s offer still beckons with a seductive price tag of Rs 43,499. The iPhone 13 stands tall as an alluring choice, sitting comfortably alongside the iPhone 14 with its formidable camera prowess and buttery-smooth performance.

The display dazzles with vibrant visuals, and the battery life delivers commendable endurance. One caveat, though: The package skips the charger, so be prepared to acquire one separately unless you have a spare one lying around.

For those fortunate souls with a heftier budget of around Rs 75,000, the iPhone 15 emerges as an enticing prospect. It flaunts superior camera capabilities, turbocharged performance, and the convenience of USB-Type C charging.

While the iPhone 15’s original price tag reads Rs 79,900, intrepid shoppers can uncover discounts of up to Rs 6,000 with HDFC bank cards, making it attainable at a slightly reduced cost. Ultimately, the decision between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 15 hinges on your specific requirements and budget considerations.

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