TCL 40 Nxtpaper Phone: A Leap Towards Paper-like Smartphone Displays

TCL 40 Nxtpaper Phone is able to do something that we always wanted to have, a paper-like display. TCL is here with its innovative Nxtpaper Phone Concept which was unveiled at us in CES 2023. In a sea of similar-looking devices, TCL’s phone stands out with its unique matte display and paper-like touch.

More about it later but first let’s take a look at the overall specification of this phone.

BuildPlastic Back and Flat Plastic Edges
Dual SIM (Both Nano Sim)
ProcessorMediatek MT6769H Helio G88 (12nm)
Battery Li-ion 5010 mAh
33W wired, no wireless, no revers-wireless
OSAndroid 13 TCL UI
CamerasRare: 50MP (Wide) 5 MP(Ultra-wide) 2MP (macro)
Front: 32MP
ColoursMidnight Blue, Opalescent
Display6.78 inches, IPS LCD, 90Hz (450 nits)

TCL 40 Nxtpaper Phone Display

Now let’s talk about its most highlighted point the TCL 40 Nxtpaper phone display. The display is a 90Hz IPS LCS with 450 nits peak brightness, this display is not a big deal at all. But what makes it a big deal is that the top things that have been added by the TCL stand out.

The screen is not like an ink screen which we see on a Kindle and still it looks like one. Most of the time the screen just looks like a sticker and the whole phone looks like a dummy model it’s very hard to tell the differences, especially from a distance.

The Matt finish on the display is the “cherry on the cake” because it reduces light glare and fingerprints, offering a more comfortable viewing experience. It’s also easier on the eyes due to layers of filters that reduce harmful blue light.

With that all said there are some bugs here that make the 90Hz look like a 60Hz display. The display might not be your priority if you want to consume content on it like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. The display is not bad for content it’s just there are other better options.

TCL 40 Nxtpaper Phone 3D Boom Sound

Nxtpaper phone has stereo speakers and they are calling it a 3D boom sound technology which gives a good quality output.

But are these stereo speaker setups any good? Not actually even with a stereo setup the output is more like a mono setup and sound is overexplosion on full audio.

If you don’t want to use the speakers best thing is that the phone actually comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

TCL’s Own UI

The Nxtpaper phone is also coming with its own TCL UI based on Android 13, yes the Android 14 is out but new phones will be getting launched with Android 14 in 2024.

On the first look, the UI will just look similar to the stock Android but on the second look you will start to get the differences like the notification panel is different from the stock Android plus there is a lot of bloatware packed in the UI. It also comes with a hot apps folder which is mostly found in Chinese phones.

The UI has its own bugs that will be easily visible while using the phone like uninstalling apps, changing the display colours etc.

The TCL really need to work on this because nowadays phones are getting sold in the name of their UI like Samsung’s One UI.

The phone is also not guaranteed to get longer major software updates but it should get Android 14 and security patches for one more year.

Nxtpaper Phone Processor

This is the downside of the phone because it is launched with an old processor phone it is so old that it doesn’t even support 5G.

There will be a different version of this phone with a different processor that will support 5G but that phone will be much more powerful and capable than this one.

Problems with Nxtpaper phone

  1. Brightness: The Nxtpaper display struggles with brightness levels, especially when compared to phones like the Pixel 6 or Pixel 7. This could be an issue in bright outdoor conditions.
  2. Durability: The unique nature of the display presents challenges in terms of durability, particularly regarding screen protectors and the absence of a matte version of Gorilla Glass.
  3. Overall Performance: Given TCL’s focus on budget phones, the Nxtpaper Phone is not a performance powerhouse. For a phone with such an innovative feature, compromising high-end specs might not appeal to all consumers.


While TCL has no current plans to mass-produce the Nxtpaper Phone, the concept has generated notable interest. Its unique approach to smartphone design, focusing on tactile experience and display quality, sets it apart in a market saturated with similar-looking devices. The Nxtpaper Phone Concept demonstrates that innovation in smartphone design is still possible and can captivate users looking for something beyond the conventional.


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